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Right. Okay. Time for Cass to move out of this journal...

Posted on 2009.03.09 at 15:31
I'm retiring mirabilelectu. I won't delete it, but I also won't use it anymore.

It's been with me since October 2003 or since I was fifteen years old. My grandfather was still alive when I made it. I've changed in a great many ways since then, and not just the obvious ones (finished high school, started uni, moved out...).

If you track it chronologically, you'll see that for all the whining, I've been able to say "I told you so" a whole lot--especially regarding the craziness of trainers--but damn, that was a lot of whining! But you can also track my shifts in opinions regarding, to name three notable examples, Maarten Stekelenburg, Ruud van Nistelrooij, and Henk ten Cate.

I've been thinking about getting a new journal ever since my latest (failed) attempt to organise the mess that is this LJ and its lack of tags, when I read back through my old posts and just couldn't even tell what some of them were about anymore, or when I found stuff that would today make my cringe, headdesk and/or want to punch myself.

And then there's the part where I was just getting tired of looking at the name "Mirabile Lectu", which I blatantly stole from my old high school paper. I should have more originality than that. (Before that, my username was based on my old FFN account(!!), which was the equally unoriginal "Unheard Prophetess", only that didn't fit so I was unheardprophete until I got tired of it and got a name change. God, remember that? No? Then damn why'd I have to bring it up?!)

allangtegek is where my LJ party will continue; please friend me over there. (I'll be adding all of you there, so that's not some random creepy stalker, just me. :D)

PS -- Moving fic journals and stuff to langs_de_lijn's flist. I hardly ever click through to fic not first recommended by one of you guys anyway. :)


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