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davis :]


Posted on 2009.03.06 at 20:37
So anyone have any theories as to why none of the skaters from ethnic minority backgrounds are Dutch?

YAY SHANI! x2! <3

ETA from beyond the grave: this is how you do hilarious commercials.

ireen triest

Thinky thoughts still in writing

Posted on 2009.03.06 at 14:53

But now, that favorite of Dutch people's passtimes: whining about stuff.

First, today I was in another new bus that just broke down. The oldest of these busses were first used when many of the regional public transport companies fused into Connexxion (which is about as stupid as its name implies), which is a few years ago. I hadn't seen the old busses for years so I guess they got shuffled off into the province.

They're back now, though. They don't break down for no reason. Oh, sure, they're not as pretty, comfy, or as good for the environment (busses in Zuid-Kennemerland ride on gas). But they work. Coincidentally, they predate Connexxion.

Second, Conimex apparently has a new product out (or a new and improved, I dunno), with matching annoying commercial. It'd be nice, though, if they would've made the generic chips eating sound match the snack discussed. Guys? Kroepoek does not sound that way. (Let me have my pet hates, I beg of you!)

Oh, and the Belastingdienst and their cutesy "Oh look there I went making a tiny but significant and obvious mistake" commercial can bite me. 


ireen triest

Fail Boat now boarding!

Posted on 2009.03.06 at 11:57
I'm at uni right now and I'll be heading home in a few minutes, which is not very conducive to making a big post full of thinky thoughts, so I'll just leave you nice link.

Holy Jesus, this post is bad. No, really. It's the same one erjika's already linked to (one of many links; off you go to read her awesome post), and contrary to what I generally do when confronted with something that makes me go grrr admittedly lots of things do, I made myself read the whole thing.

Yeah. This whole thing (compiled by rydra_wong who must be an amazingly patient person) is turning poor Elizabeth Bear (who I'd never heard of before all this started) into a racist. I'm barely paraphrasing here.

Go read the entire thing for yourself (or don't, in case you value your sanity or have heard of her and want to keep enjoying her books, I dunno).

Thinky thoughts of all kinds probably to follow once I get to my dad's.

de boom in

Ok neighbors/aliens

Posted on 2009.03.04 at 19:34
You can stop moving things around at night now, thanks. Especially at 2 IN THE MORNING, like last night, when in fact most of the flat is probably trying to sleep. We all have class, after all.

Not really any great amount of love at the moment,

PS - 19th century thinkers? Write clearer please... ;__;

Okay, I hope that fits into the subject line... So someone was just at the door for Doctors Without Borders and I was in the process of getting rid of him because, right now, I'm my own charity. Well, did I have time?
Me: Not really, busy, thesis, blablabla
Him: Oh, we only need 6 hours of your time a week!
Me: Hmm, is there a website?
Him: *gives site*

I really think I'll contact them and see where it goes from there, because HELLO, I have two and every other week three days off apart from the weekend. (Which, as my brother* pointed out, is quite enough time to do my homework in because I've just got to do it.) Most of my time is spent either just staring at the screen or reading things which have nothing to do with anything useful and I really DO need the money.

So, the biggest problem would be that asking people to give money to charities is not something people who need time to work up the nerve to ask their thesis supervisors if maybe possibly they might just be let into a research master's programme (but I've set myself a deadline!). Well, I've thought for the longest time that I'd need exactly something like that to kick my ass in gear.

Also, money. I needs it.

* Yes, my little brother calls me out on stuff like that. Go li'l bro!

ireen triest

Counting iz hard, yo

Posted on 2009.03.02 at 18:44
I just gave my self about an hour's worth of extra work (NO REALLY) because I entered a total into the wrong cell and completely failed to notice until I turned out to be five ehm, minimal responses (shaddap) short the whole time.

Fail on a MASSIVE scale, self.

ireen triest


Posted on 2009.03.01 at 10:45

't Is dan misschien maar een peiling en Wilders heeft net weer zielig kunnen doen natuurlijk maar het blijft een eng bericht. :/

pfff studeren

Dear Teachers,

Posted on 2009.03.01 at 10:30
The first semester's been over for a month now. I still haven't got the results back on two of my courses (I know I passed them, but that's not the point), even though you guys have had a month and a month and a half to grade papers and talk about how good we were in the course groups (lol...).

I would very much like to see those points and my grades sitting on a nice list so I can *gasp* get out a calculator and see how much I fucked up my average last semester.

No thanks yet,

de boom in

Lol runaway fic

Posted on 2009.02.28 at 17:46
Yeah, that crack fic I posted the prologue to two weeks ago?

I'm at 1700 words now in the opening bits of chapter one. HELP IT'S TRYING TO GET ME. It needs serious cutting down to size.

de boom in


Posted on 2009.02.28 at 12:33
Tablet works again and I won't have to bike into town for a new keyboard 'cause Dad needs new DVDs as well.

I? Am so damn lazy.

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