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17 November 1987
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This LJ has been retired. I'm now on allangtegek. :)

Hi, I'm Cass. According to official sources I am 21 years old, but once you've spent some time with me, you'll know there's no way that could possibly be true. (Read: yours truly is very immature.)

I'm currently studying both Linguistics and Anthropology, and I intend to do this for another couple of years, working up a nice debt to start my post-university life. Yay!

Things I like besides Linguistics and Anthropology (and instead of doing homework) include reading, writing, playing World of Warcraft, photography, and watching sports. I also go slightly crazy without music on.

Despite enjoying reading I am really not well-read and I mostly read SFF anyway, and not even that all too often. See, I'm a genre fan who hates a lot of the genre conventions. Ah well, what can you do?

Sportswise I mostly like to rant and complain about football, speed skating, and F1; though I also enjoy bitching about watching cycling, field hockey, and tennis.

Occasionally there will be something I wrote in here, which can be anything from het to slash to femmeslash and has a chance to be RPF. Consider yourself warned if any of those are not your thing.